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Guidelines for Presenters and Attendees

Basic Instructions for Presenters:

We will be using a Whova web-app platform as a basic communicative tool and content space for the time of the Conference. Presenters will be presenting their contributions live through integrated ZOOM rooms (each Session will be assigned with its own Zoom Room).

The time-frame of each presentation slot will be 15 minutes for presenting, followed by 5 minutes for discussion. Please do not exceed the designated time of your presentations, as Session Chairs will be diligent in keeping the timing in accordance with the Program Schedule. For presentations, use a Power Point format. No special template will be available. We recommend to set the Power Point slides to a widescreen format (16x9 aspect ratio). We will not be accepting pre-recorded videos!

When you are the Presenter (attending the Sessions as Speakers) please join directly through ZOOM, since screen sharing is more optimized that way (than joining through Whova). Speakers, please join the Session at leat 5 minutes before the session starts (in case you must update your computer or address a mic or a speaker issue). We want to be sure you have time to do this before you start presenting.

Important: Recommended Browser for the Whova Web App is Google Chrome (Safari and Firefox are not supported by the Zoom integration app).

Discussion (Q&A session) will be moderated by Session Chairs within the Zoom Room.


Since presentations will be streamed live, please make sure your internet connection is at appropriate speed, at least 2Mbps at the minimum. You can test your internet speed here:

Test your audio/video device and make sure it works with the streaming software.

Whova Access:

You can read on how to access Whova HERE but you need to register and cover the payment firstly. See HERE.

Other Guidelines for attending the Conference:

It is desired that you have your camera turned on while attending the Conference, as this gives all of us a better social experience resembeling more to a real life situation.

Have your microphone always turned off (muted) unless when presenting or when asking/answering questions in the discussion.

Please consider other valuable insights for attending the Conference:

Proper Lightning: Try to prevent having light behind you, especially from a window, or directly overhead. The best setup is to have the light facing you

Central Position in front of the Camera: Make sure you position yourself in the front and at the centre of the screen. Ideally sitting up straight with your upper body showing.  

Propper Background: Please keep your background professional and undistracting.

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