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Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 epidemic situation and the ongoing travel restrictions, the Conference will take place in a virtual platform at Whova.

In order to access the Conference’s Platform you must register beforehand at Whova.

Get our official conference app
For Blackberry or Windows Phone, Click here
For feature details, visit Whova

How to Sign In:

- Enter the email address you used at registration

- Create password and type in your name

How to Access the App on Your Desktop: Once you follow the steps above and create your account within the Whova app, you will be able to access a link that allows you to view the app on your desktop as well. You can of course sign-up and use the browser access (Web App) without using the mobile app as well. The web app link can be found here.

Recommended Browser for the Whova Web App is Google Chrome (Safari and Firefox are not supported by the Zoom integration app).

Important: your attendance fee should be already paid when signing up for Whova, otherwise you will not be on our attendance list. Allow 2-3 days after the payment to administer the registration data into the app accordingly. Please use the same e-mail when registering on our web-page as you will be using for Whova.


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